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Welcome to Lake Country English Cream Golden Retrievers, located in beautiful Southwest Michigan (2 hours from Chicago, 3 hours from Detroit, and 3 hours from Indianapolis). Our name (Lake Country) was selected after discovering that Michigan has more lake frontage than any of the lower 48 states.
Recently, the founders of Lake Country Goldens, Tom & Mara Evans, relocated with work to Australia. They are excited about the new adventure ahead. Incidentally, Lake Country’s two males (Finn and Tristan) were both imported from Australia. With years of building the breeding program and many referrals from previous clients, it was decided to continue with Lake Country Goldens in Southwest Michigan. Tom’s mother, Kathy Evans Biggs, has been a huge help with the dogs over the years and is remaining in the area. Additionally, two individuals indicated a desire to partner long-term: Jourdan Lamse and Dr. Chris Payton (our vet at Western Veterinary Clinic…who lives in Niles, Michigan). Both of these individuals are exceptional and have had relationships with Lake Country Goldens for years. Tom and Mara Evans will stay directly involved with clients and the breeding program. The Lake Country quality and guarantees will continue as normal.
Achieving the very best is the goal of Lake Country. We have imported the highest quality lines from Europe. We are proud members of the Golden Retriever Club of Great Britain. The goal is to continually improve and understand what lines will enhance our breeding program the most. Something exciting is always on the horizon.
The best way to contact us is through email at: info@lakecountrygoldens.com
If you prefer to contact by phone, you can reach Kathy Evans Biggs at 269-259-9323.
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English Cream Golden Retrievers Puppies

English Cream Golden Retrievers Puppies English Cream Golden Retrievers Puppies




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